With the away loss to Burnley over the weekend, it is officially time to worry for Toffees fans. Since the 3-2 victory over Wolves at home early September, there have been losses to Bournemouth, Sheffield United, Manchester City and now Burnley. There is increased pressure on Marco Silva, and there are strong concerns that he might lose the gig soon.

The squad is talented enough, there is depth but somehow the machinery is broken this term. The fans have a right to angry, and the gaffer has admitted this. The fourth straight loss leaves them in the red zone, with only seven points after eight games.

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Lennon Share His Depression Expression

According to Aaron Lennon, he has made a complete recovery from the illness that happened because of the stress. Because of this illness player was away from football two years ago under the Mental Health Act. Lennon believes that there are many players present who are struggling with the same issue silently. They are suffering from anxiety and depression. He said “I am saying this because I have spoken to some players in this matter and offer them the required advice.”  

“When I talked to them, they were keen on knowing what I faced through time and where to get help. They are still playing with some clubs but don’t want to share their pain with anyone  I understood their problem because I have been in the same situation and I can relate with them. My message to players who are looking encountering this situation is a lot of support is available for them that can bring big difference in their life. The person treated me at the time I was in a similar situation helped me and started feeling better just after 10 minutes of treatment.”

Lennon shared this at the launch of Burnley in the Community project. The project was for addressing rising depression levels and suicide among teenagers. The intent of this project is to peep in student’s life and  know about problems they are facing related to anxiety and depression. With experts, students can sit and talk to them about issues they are facing and experts prevent the situation worsening, something that Lennon can relate and define.

Lennon said “I am not the kind of person who can easily ask for help. At least I was not kind of like that person two years back. I was looking for help but was not able to share with people.”

Aaron Lennon preparing himself

Burnley midfielder Aaron Lennon said that he is preparing himself mentally for the next season. He said that the last season has been quite tough for him as he has faced several injuries and that he wants to be ready ahead of the next season.

He said that the last season has been quite difficult as he has spent more time in the injury room rather than on the pitch. He said that he started the season well and was playing regularly before injuring himself near the end of 2018.
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Premier League side Burnley FC launched the Community’s School’s Mental Wellbeing Project at the Shuttleworth College in Padiham last week.

The initiate is expected to to be implemented within the community to help curb the rising number of students that are suffering from mental health problems. It is believed that early diagnosis of this disorder can help patients to get the proper treatments.

Aaron Lennon on depression

Burnley forward Aaron Lennon said that there are many players that suffer from depression and that has approached him in order to get help. He said that there are many people in the game that are battling depression and that it is important that they seek help.

Aaron Lennon who suffered from depression several years ago believes that this episode is now behind him and that he has made a full recovery.
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Reports from England reveals that Burnley star Aaron Lennon could be in for a transfer back to boyhood club Leeds United.  Lennon began his career at the championship club and became their youngest player to make a premier league debut back in 2003.

He played two seasons in the first team at Leeds before securing a move to Tottenham spending a decade at the London club winning the League Cup. Lennon made 21 caps for England during the course of his career

Aaron Lennon Expressed His Pleasure On The Improvisation In Competition For Out Wide Places

Aaron Lennon who has appeared and played for Everton has expressed his pleasure and happiness over the recovery of Robbie Brady who suffered a severe injury on the knee and has recently made only his 2nd appearance in this year for the team of Burnley on the night of Monday. With the comeback of Brady, the speculations for the comeback of Berg Gudmundsson has also increased and his comeback is expected to strengthen and improve the performance of the game that is to be played at the Palace of Crystal and the chances of Clarets’ wide are finally looking a lot better. And their team will fancy their chances of winning. The addition of Dwight McNeil (a teenager) into the mix and there will be competition for the spots on the flanks.

Lennon said he is hopeful that the comeback international player Brady of Republic of Ireland and the urgency of McNeil will compel him to do a much better job. Adding to this, he said that “the increased competition will help them in creating a better and healthy squad. Robbie Brady is a magnificent player and it’s a great opportunity to have him back in the squad.” He also said that more tough competition will increase the level of the game because then everyone will try to achieve the best spot which will ultimately help the team.”

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Vincent Kompany – There Was No Wrongful Intention In Tackling Aaron Lennon Malice

“It certainly was not on purpose. I think I have my studs fitted on the leg, but it goes to the ball.” Vincent Kompany insists that there was no harm in his controversial challenge on Aaron Lennon in Manchester City’s defeat of Burnley on Saturday. Burnley boss Sean Dyche believed the city captain should have been sent out for his big challenge at Lennon in the first minute at the Etihad Stadium.

Lennon could continue on treatment and after that, he could play, but Dyche also revealed that the Clarets wing wanted to have two stitches in a wound on the thigh. Kompany said, “It was definitely was not on purpose. The things happening a somewhat blindside. I think I have my studs on the leg, but it goes to the ball. “I think I got it and luckily he was not hurt. That’s the most important thing.” City took advantage of winning 5-0 and keeping their place at the top of the Premier League.
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Burnley can repeat last season form

Burnley midfielder Aaron Lennon believes that his team can repeat last season performance and finish high up the table. He was speaking after Burnley won their first league game of the season and he said that this can be a turnaround in their season.

He admitted that they started the Premier League campaign badly and that they needed improvement. He believes that their participation in the Europa League has hindered their performance in the domestic league and that their elimination can be a blessing in disguise for them.
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