A few weeks ago Tottenham travelled to Anfield to face off against Liverpool and the side of Tim Sherwood suffered a devastating 4-0 loss. This negative result arrived at a time when the manager of Tottenham, Sherwood already was under immense pressure as speculation arose concerning the future of the tactician.

Sherwood replaced Andre Villas-Boas and he enjoyed a fairly successful start of his career in charge of the team in the White Hart Lane but a series of disappointing results now sees Tottenham not being able to get into a top 5 spot in the Premier League.

At this point in time everybody knows the disastrous campaign that David Moyes is sustaining with Manchester United as they are not even close on protecting the Premier League title but Tottenham are just a few points above the mediocre Manchester United which is evidence of how much Tottenham has been slipping in the past few months.

Following the 4-0 defeat against Liverpool, rumors began spreading claiming that Tim Sherwood had punched a player in the dressing room and the rumor gained so much momentum that even the family of the tactician started to believe it.

“I was getting family and friends texting me saying: ‘Why did you do it?’,” Sherwood said with a smile. “They didn’t say: ‘Did you?’ It was all ‘Who did you hit, who did you hit?’ The players know I want the best for the club and that helps them out because it means I want the best for them. I am not going to suffer fools though. That is the way I manage.”


The rumors had escalated to a point where his own players had to stand up and defend Sherwood as Roberto Soldado and Aaron Lennon denied that anything of that nature had happened at all.