Sherwood defends Aaron Lennon

Tottenham manager Tim Sherwood has come out in place of midfielder Aaron Lennon after he helped the club get a 3-3 draw against West Brom in the league. Tottenham looked out of contention for three points against a relegation threatened West Brom at the hawthorns. Further, they were also looking like being on the end of another thrashing, but only that it was against a team from the lower reaches of the Premier league. The team, though, managed to pull itself together and come back from three goals down to equalise.

Due to the nature of the match, this match felt as a victory for Spurs and their players. Sherwood, who has come under a lot of pressure in recent weeks, has stated that the players did extremely well to get a point from a difficult match. He also reserved special praise for the 26-year-old Lennon, who only recently returned from injury. Lennon has become one of the important players at the club following the departure of Gareth Bale. His prominence presence in the first-team in the last few months have been keep towards the club rediscovering their form.
As a result of this point, Tottenham remain in contention for the Europa league spot, although they look likely to miss out on Champions League once again.

“He’s reliable, Aaron. Every manager who comes to this club always picks Aaron Lennon, and now I know why from being on the inside. He did have a big effect on the game,” said Sherwood after the match. “We didn’t use him as we should have done in the game, especially in the first half. He was free a lot of times, at the side. In the second half, we played more with him and he got an assist. He had a very good game,” said defender Kaboul.