25 thoughts on “PES 2014 gamescom Gameplay #2 – France vs. England

  1. #PES2014 – Vidéo Gameplay | #PES #Gamescom
    > France vs Angleterre

    L’équipe Pes-Soccer.fr

  2. Thanks for the videos! really impressive gameplay. Fifa even on the next
    gen consoles looks like every other FIFA game..

  3. Defensive line still way too high. Where it should be a DMF, its a CB
    marking. Its gonna be a long ball fest again.

  4. Gameplay is not fast! it is perfect man! the real problem is that there are
    people that don’t know how to play football, or never watch it. Konami
    gives you the tools, it’s up to you whether you want a fast paced game or a
    slow one 😉

  5. and us pes fans are left with konami taking stuff out year upon year, now
    no rain or spanish stadiums or stadium edit in pes14

  6. 13:20 wtf!? They still have this stupid bug? God damn 😐 Otherwise, the
    game looks magnificent!

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