25 thoughts on “Fifa 11 Amazing goal pato Online Must SEE By Fandinamo02

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  2. @mafiotul07 nice skill, but why was the goalie staying close to the same
    spot miles from the goal then?

  3. @lHulkl is not my problem the goakeeper.. maybe do not expect something
    like skills if you can a goal like this”(staged)” post a video response

  4. Why in the f would anyone pull the goal keeper out that far? That was set
    up. Nice trick though. U would never get that shot on me.

  5. El fenomeno ::X:X cred ca jumate din astia cu care joci isi arunca manetele
    pe geam dupa meci:)

  6. @hartex100 cu federico am jucat ceva meciuri online:D am si eu u gol intr
    un video impotriva lui

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