25 thoughts on “Aaron Ramsey Amazing Skill vs Norwich

  1. If only wales had a couple of other real good players, it would be
    interesting to see if they made it to a world cup with ramsey, bale, and 2
    other real good players. maybe in the next 4 years that is definitely

  2. This is the Ramsey we all expected when he broke in with Cardiff. Now that
    he is over his horrific injury we should see him reach his potential

  3. Fuck me!!….that was Zidane stuff….Ramsey goodness me what have you done
    to yourself

  4. .. The awkward moment when Real Madrid break their transfer record, signing
    the second best player on the Welsh team..

  5. Does that make aaron ramsey the most valuable player in world since his
    better than bale lol

  6. people are saying things like what happened to the old ramsey.. people like
    jamie carragher. I guess the same people never saw the same teenage who
    before he broke his leg was out-shinning wilshere and many others.

  7. Real Madrid broke their record to buy a welsh player that isn’t even the
    best in the welsh team.. AARON RAMSEY

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