Soccer Safari

Soccer Safari, a five-reel video slots game, is one of the sporting themed online casino games which has been around for quite a while. The game was originally devised to be a kind of spin-off from the World Cup allowing those football fans interested in both the tournament itself and placing bets on the outcomes, to have another way of combining these interests in football and gambling. However more football themed slots games are springing up all the time. So does Soccer Safari have what it takes to keep casino and football betting fans interested?

It certainly offers a unique spin on the typical football slots scenario, revolving around the concept of animals competing in a World Cup and based in a jungle football stadium. The stadium makes up the background, while the animals, including the likes of warthogs,

buffalo, lions and cheetahs, are on the reels. The standard of the animated graphics used to depict this set-up is very impressive. There are plenty of funny touches too for example: the notable resemblance that the elephant commentator has to a certain Mr Gary Lineker! This should amuse anyone with the slightest knowledge of, or interest in football.

The amusement factor could well be enough to recommend Soccer Safari to those who don’t like football as well especially as the football element does not come at the expense of the things which have always given slots games such wide appeal. To start with Soccer Safari is wonderfully cheap to play, at sites like with the betting range going as low as $0.01, and the maximum jackpot is $8000.

This should be enough to tempt anyone. The presence of both a wild symbol (the game logo) and a scatter (the World Cup one) on the reel increases your chances of securing a cash pay-out. Also they can potentially let you multiply your winnings or win one of the prize bonuses on offer when you play the bonus game.