Lennon Share His Depression Expression

According to Aaron Lennon, he has made a complete recovery from the illness that happened because of the stress. Because of this illness player was away from football two years ago under the Mental Health Act. Lennon believes that there are many players present who are struggling with the same issue silently. They are suffering from anxiety and depression. He said “I am saying this because I have spoken to some players in this matter and offer them the required advice.”  

“When I talked to them, they were keen on knowing what I faced through time and where to get help. They are still playing with some clubs but don’t want to share their pain with anyone  I understood their problem because I have been in the same situation and I can relate with them. My message to players who are looking encountering this situation is a lot of support is available for them that can bring big difference in their life. The person treated me at the time I was in a similar situation helped me and started feeling better just after 10 minutes of treatment.”

Lennon shared this at the launch of Burnley in the Community project. The project was for addressing rising depression levels and suicide among teenagers. The intent of this project is to peep in student’s life and  know about problems they are facing related to anxiety and depression. With experts, students can sit and talk to them about issues they are facing and experts prevent the situation worsening, something that Lennon can relate and define.

Lennon said “I am not the kind of person who can easily ask for help. At least I was not kind of like that person two years back. I was looking for help but was not able to share with people.”