The Carlisle United manager Greg Abbott has praised the Tottenham midfielder Aaron Lennon by saying that he is proving to be one of the best buys for Tottenham. The 25-year-old has been having one of his best seasons in English football. Even though he was overshadowed by the Welsh winger Gareth Bale last season, he has managed to perform toe-to-toe with the Welsh winger this season. It has resulted in lavish praise on the midfielder, who was first spotted by the current Carlisle United manager he was the Leeds United youth team coach several seasons ago.

Abbott has said that it did not take more than three seconds for him to see the immense talent within Lennon. However, in the last few years Lennon has been criticised for not being a 90 min player. Abbott, though, is extremely happy to see him become exactly the same this season. The former Tottenham sporting director Frank Arnesen has also spoken in glowing tribute to the player by saying that he has been involved in deals to bring the likes of Ronaldo and Arjen Robben, but Lennon has to be alongside them. Lennon was brought to White Hart Lane for a fee of £ 500,000, which increased to up to £ 1 million depending upon his performances.

“Planting him in London was probably done a year too early. Manchester United and Liverpool wanted him and they are much closer to his family in Leeds. I believe he found it hard work in London because Aaron is a family boy but he got over it. At Leeds I made sure I was always there for Aaron and his family if there were any issues,” said Abbott. “We paid about £500,000 for Aaron. To sign him for that amount was a no-brainer,” said Frank Arnesen.